Agile Scrum Qualifications

Scrum is the most effective agile project management framework for software and application development. It’s time that you discovered how to maximise productivity and increase efficiency all while delivering more cost effective, high quality solutions that maximise business value. That’s the agile way.

Scrum On is Australia’s leading provider of agile certification training. All of our agile certification courses are facilitated by professional trainer Brett Mayton, 1 of only 5 Professional Scrum Trainers in Australia.

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Agile Scrum Certification

With Brett, you will be learning from one of the most highly regarded and seasoned project management experts in the field. Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what CEO and Scrum co-creator Ken Scwaber had to say about our master trainer Brett:

“Brett demonstrates Scrum values daily, showing courage, commitment, openness, focus, and respect for others. It will be a lucky organisation that works with Brett.”

Interested in becoming an agile certified practitioner? Choose from a range of official professional agile and scrum certification courses including:

Agile Qualification

Our 2 day Professional Scrum Master (PSM) course arms students with a set of powerful Scrum tools and techniques in a bid to help maximise value of their software products and enhance productivity in a more cost and time-efficient manner.

The Professional Scrum Product Owner course is a 2-day course outlining ways in which the value of software products can be maximised.

It also covers ways in which businesses can communicate effectively and maintain relationships with all project stakeholders while ensuring the delivery of a high quality product as quickly as possible.

Agile Certification Training Melbourne

Through our 3 day Professional Scrum Developer agile project management certification, students learn how to collaborate effectively, apply the most intelligent and innovative development practices and use effectively use Scrum methodology to manage change or issues that arise. We can facilitate this course using .NET, Java or a technology stack of your choice.

This agile scrum certification course teaches the foundations of the Scrum framework in a highly practical way. Through a series of Sprints, students work as a team to build a software application, thereby given the opportunity to face realistic project challenges and apply the Scrum principles and techniques that they have learned to steer the project towards success.

Scrum Certification Training Melbourne

The 2-day course with Nexus workshop is aimed at helping anyone involved with planning managing and/or participating in scaled Scrum product development to use the Scrum framework to effectively reduce dependencies at scale.

Considering pursuing an agile qualification? Contact the expert team at Scrum On, the leading training provider in agile certification Melbourne wide. We’re here to discuss any queries or concerns you may have.

Agile Project Management Certification Melbourne

Let’s explore how we can help you to start your agile journey and acquire the skills and knowledge to get products to market quickly, professionally and cost effectively.

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At training, it was clear early on that Brett has so much knowledge and experience in this field. His presentations were thorough, easy to understand, and all questions were answered clearly. This is definitely one of the best Scrum training courses I’ve undertaken.


This course was one of the more practical courses I’ve completed on Scrum. The hands-on, user friendly approach was engaging and I finished the course feeling confident in being able to perform as a Scrum Master. Brett answered all my questions during the course and has been a tremendous support since.


At Telstra, one of best strategic decisions we made was to implement Scrum throughout the organisation. Scrum On were able to help us not only train our software development team but to also mentor them through the practical application on the job. Since then, we have further implemented Scrum into other departments.


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