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Scrum & Agile Melbourne

Scrum is the most dynamic agile framework for managing software and product development.

Following an effective Scrum framework drives team efficiency, increases productivity, ensures fluid, effective communication between all project participants and ultimately leads to the delivery of high quality, working solutions that maximise business value.

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Scrum-On – The Leaders in Scrum & Agile

Progressive companies that strive to bring products to market quickly, professionally and cost effectively can achieve these goals by harnessing the power of Scrum. If you’re ready to embrace Scrum in all its glory, we can help!

We’re Scrum On – Australia’s leading Scrum experts. Not only do are we consistently uncovering more efficient and effective ways to build a superior standard product, but we’re helping companies all over Australia to do this too.

World Class Scrum-On Australia

Directly affiliated with Scrum.org, our world class training, consulting, assessments and placement services empower companies to be truly ‘Agile.’

We offer a number of 2 and 3 day Scrum training courses to help professionals to progress their understanding of Scrum techniques and philosophies and to use this knowledge to overcome key challenges of product development projects. Courses include:

Scrum-On Training Courses

Professional Scrum Master (2 days)
Professional Scrum Foundations (2 days)
Professional Scrum Developer (3 days)
Professional Scrum Product Owner (2 days)
Scaled Professional Scrum (2 days)

Scrum-On Placement Services

Implementing Scrum methodology and practices can prove challenging for many businesses. Though your team may have recently completed Scrum training, it can take some time for them to adapt to the processes.

Scrum On can help to bridge this gap by providing Scrum experts for your business to guide newly trained Scrum Masters and firmly establish the new project framework in the organisation.

Scrum-On Assessments

Solidifying an innovative product development framework requires consistent review and analysis – what’s working? What’s not working? What improvements can be made?

The expert Scrum On team are on hand to provide in-depth process assessments customised to your company’s product, practices, technologies and structures.

Scrum-On Transformation

With a solid strategy, change management and communication plan in place, your Scrum transformation may not go as planned.

Our Scrum experts can help to manage a smooth transformation to an effective agile framework, providing the skills and experience to successfully establish new processes and new ideas, new ways of managing products, modernise current practices, encourage new strategy adoption and even change the culture of your team.

Scrum-On Consulting

Learning, following and adapting to Scrum requires expert guidance. Our Scrum consultants are available to help tackle current and emerging product development issues, facilitate information gathering workshops and help your team to generate new ideas.

If you require advice on Scrum project management and product development, we’re here to help.

For more than a decade, our Melbourne based Scrum development company has provided a full scope of expert Agile and Scrum services to clients such as Telstra, Bupa, Crown and netwealth.

Contact our team today to explore how we can help your business to become a truly agile organisation.

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Scrum was introduced back in 1995 by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland.

Scrum On is directly affiliated with Scrum.org

Brett Maytom, Scrum On CEO and Head Professional Scrum Trainer is:

  • 1 of 362 people worldwide who hold PSM III –
  • 1 of 153 Professional Scrum Trainers worldwide –
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  • 1 of 5 Scrum.org PST’s in Australia

Ken Schwaber

CEO, Scrum.org and Scrum co-creator

Brett is a member of the Scrum.org community of trainers and consultants. To become a member, he had to prove his knowledge of agile practices, Scrum, software development, and agile project management. He also had to demonstrate deep experience using this knowledge to help others create valuable software solutions. Brett demonstrates Scrum values daily, showing courage, commitment, openness, focus, and respect for others. It will be a lucky organisation that works with Brett.

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Our mission statement was directly inspired by the values and principals contained in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. It is the foundation through which we have built our success and the success of our clients. For over a decade, our Melbourne based boutique company has provided the full breadth of Agile and Scrum services to clients such as Telstra, Bupa, Crown and netwealth. These companies and many others came to us to become truly Agile organisations.

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